Our guides come with years of experience and knowledge. Your safari will be exciting as well as educational.

Passion for Horses

Our passion for horses and wildlife has a huge impact on our horse safaris. We do this cause its what we love. We will insure you have the most comfortable ride, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

You don’t have to be a experienced rider or even know how to ride to be able to have this stunning experience! Get right up to nature’s beautiful safari game animals and really experience a different game viewing like no other. The reserve has many different game (gems bok, eland, warthogs,giraffe) and lots of bird life, as well as, jackals and brown hyena. Deon and Johan are brilliant and very knowledgeable guides. Their love for nature and animals is clear through the treatment of the horses who have lovely temperaments to match there healthy well feed frames. I am most definitely going to do this trail ride again!! Anna Morgan

Nothing can compare to this experience! The animals don’t mind your presence, because you’re not a threat on horseback.
I was 3-4m away from wild animals like giraffe, zebra, water buck, warthog etc. The park also has eland, gemsbok, diverse birdlife.   John Jones

Our Experienced Staff

Deon Goosen

Deon Goosen
Main Guide & Owner

Our Main guide has over 25 years of experience as a guide. His knowledge of the bush and the little stories he tells you in between will make your safari an unforgettable one. One of our recent riders commented that “Deon is everything you would expect an African Bush Master to be, and more.

Betsie Goosen
Bookings and Catering

Betsie handles the bookings and planning that will make your dream safari come true. She also is very talented in the kitchen and has years of experience in cooking with game meat.