This 8 week course is ultimately a Horse course with in depth practical work to understand the Horse – the Bush – the clients on Horse back.

Daily work with Horses will include: Handling, catching problems and vises, Horsemanship with basic groundwork, the foundation of Horse education to grooming and tack maintenance, Riding, caring and telltale of information to guests.

Hoof and healthcare – very important part of the course with practical hoofwork and do and don’t for keeping Horse in sound riding condition.

The first couple of days will be complemented by another registered provider – giving a two day level 1 first-aid course.

Then all theory of level 1 field guide will be done but with only factual knowledge on Geology, Ecology, Taxonomy, Plants (trees, schrubs and grasses), Fauna (Insects), Amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish, mammals, and the nightsky’s stars.

We supply a full manual on internet to students and suggest to buy textbooks from FGASA as well, like the level 1 study guide – Grant & Gill Hine

We do keep a full library of all concerning subjects as well as videos of interest.

Cost of course:

R 45 000 (payment with instalments can be arranged with deposit)

This include all accommodation and food and soft drinks. Horses and tack

Weekends you are free to explore the surroundings on your own cost, or stay and enjoy solitaire time to study and reading/videoing!

Bring personal clothing, riding gear (riding boots and safety hat) and comfortable walking shoes and bush clothes.

Cameras/Notebooks/Binoculars and personal medication.

Two eight week courses will be held in 2019

4th March to 26th April

2nd September to 25th October

We can unfortunately only accept the first 6 students for each course.

Please fill in the Indemnity form/Application form

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